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Prostaline is an effective and natural remedy against prostatitis. The course of treatment with Prostaline capsules will relieve pain in the perineum, improve the functioning of the urinary system. Today the price of the product has been reduced by 50%!

For a successful purchase of a capsule with a current discount of -50% 11900 Ft with a 50% discount in Hungary, use the official website. To do this, you must fill out a small order form: you must enter your phone number and your name in the order form and within the hour our manager will call you and inform you of the delivery time and answer all yourQuestions. You can receive the merchandise by courier, you can receive courier delivery or pick it up by mail.

Doctor's recommendations

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Prostaline does not contain any chemical components, which makes the composition of the drug unique and affordable. Herbal and plant extracts are present in the capsule formula, so regular intake of the drug leads to a positive effect within a week. Before recommending Prostaline to patients, I carefully studied the characteristics of the drug, carefully read the instructions. Over the past year, more than 20 patients have already recovered from prostatitis with effective capsules of natural composition. You can buy the drug in Hungary from the manufacturer's website.

Prostaline for the immediate treatment of prostatitis

inflammation of the prostate

Prostatitis is a serious disease manifested by inflammation of the prostate. Pathology negatively affects not only the performance of the urinary system, but also disrupts the production and mobility of sperm, reduces libido. The anti-prostatitis drug Prostaline will help to cope with the problem. The capsules against prostatitis show results already a week after administration. Buy in Hungary today and get 50% off!

Reasons for prostatitis

Why does prostatitis occur? Doctors identify several reasons for the development of the disease:

Prostatitis can also cause chronic infections: tonsillitis, bronchitis and even cavities. Any manifestation of pain in the groin and pelvis is a signal that cannot be ignored. If you feel any discomfort, you should see a doctor.


pain with inflammation of the prostate

Prostaline is aimed at eliminating pain and restoring the work of the urinary and reproductive systems. Indications for following a drug treatment:

The drug Prostaline shows excellent results, soothes the pain syndrome, prevents the development of the disease and eliminates the causes of its occurrence. The drug has passed clinical studies and has the necessary certificates. The quality of capsules against prostatitis has been confirmed by doctors and scientists.

Composition of the preparation

The special feature of Prostaline is its natural composition. The formula contains only natural ingredients:

Pumpkin seeds.

Contains large amounts of zinc and organic matter. Upon penetration, the crushed seeds remove urine stagnation, prevent the transformation of prostate cells into adenoma, which reduces the risk of developing tumors. Pumpkin also boosts immunity.

Sereno fruit extract.

The component improves well-being, restores the work of the body, increases sexual desire.

Plum bark.

The ground substance is aimed at removing edema and eliminating inflammation aseptically. The positive effect of the component eliminates pain, normalizes urination.

Ginkgo Biloba.

Normalizes the immune system by destroying pathogenic organisms. The component also accelerates the regeneration of prostate tissues, dilates blood vessels, which leads to the disappearance of cholesterol plaques.


An excellent antioxidant and detoxifier at the same time. Cranberries contain beneficial vitamins that have a positive effect on the walls of the urinary tract. A person experiences a surge of strength and mood after the component enters the body.

Nettle extract.

Relieves pain by relaxing the muscles of the prostate ducts. The result of this effect is the rapid penetration of other substances of the drug, which speeds up the treatment of prostatitis.

prostate before and after using Prostaline

The complex work of the components restores blood circulation, prevents the clogging of the small vessels of the prostate and improves the functioning of the immune system. Prostaline course will help not only get rid of pain, but also increase libido, restore ejaculation.

The price of the capsules is 11900 Ft — see prices in other countries. But today you can order Prostaline at a reduced price. You can place an order online. To make a purchase, all you need to do is go to the official manufacturer portal and fill out a short questionnaire. The company manager will contact you for sure to clarify the delivery address.

Advantages of the product over analogues

The effectiveness of the drug is proven by clinical studies. The trial involved volunteers aged 38 to 74 who had been diagnosed with prostate. The comments of those who have followed the treatment with Prostaline capsules have been pleasantly happy:

  1. Over 99% got rid of the disease completely.
  2. 85% decided to take a second treatment.
  3. 97% said the drug improved their sex life.

Prostatitis capsules do more than relieve pain. The drug effectively fights the cause of the disease, allowing you to forget about prostatitis forever.

You can buy Prostaline in Hungary from the official website of the manufacturer. Only now you can order products with a 50% discount. Payment of the order - only after receipt. We guarantee the high quality of natural products, the effectiveness of drug treatment.

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